Chop Chop London

Okay so this is definitely not something I usually write about but I discovered Chop Chop London today and it is FABULOUS.

I am definitely one of those people who has one hairdresser that they trust and they will only ever let that specific hairdresser touch their precious locks. I have known my hairdresser for as long as I can remember and trust her completely. She knows what I like, what I dislike, what I think will suit me and what actually will suit me. The problem is that lots of people want my hairdresser to be their hairdresser so trying to get an appointment is pretty tough. Add to that the fact that her hairdressing salon is in Devon and it is nigh on impossible for me to get a hair appointment squeezed in. The result of this is that I haven’t had my haircut in a year. And it really needs one.

So, I decided to be brave and looked up hairdressers in London. They are all so expensive!!! So I started looking at having my hair cut by a Student hairdresser… but that just filled me with dread… however, I then discovered Chop Chop London and decided to give it a shot.

I downloaded their app, picked the type of appointment I wanted, what time I wanted to have it and £20 later it was booked. Simple as can be.

I selected “layered cut” as my choice and was told to come with clean, washed hair. So, that gave me some idea that my hair appointment wouldn’t include a wash, which is more than fine by me!

I arrived at the salon, which is in a pop-up shop in Old Street Station in Shoreditch, 10 minutes before my appointment and was greeted by a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Within minutes a hairdresser had introduced herself and I was led to a chair.

I explained quite simply what I wanted and she quickly got to work, checking with me that what she was doing was exactly what I wanted. Whilst cutting my hair she talked to me about how I wash my hair, gave me a few tips on how to keep it healthy, and explained how she was going to cut it. I’ve never experienced such thorough explanations from any hairdresser before and it was nice to know exactly what was going on.

Soon the conversation turned to chit chat… which is something I don’t especially enjoy but, much to my delight, we skipped the “ooh, the weather has been lovely” malarkey and chatted about random, interesting things.

Time flew by and less than 20 minutes later my haircut was done – and I love it!

What was especially lovely was that, at the end of the haircut, my hairdresser offered me a free styling session. I accepted and she curled my hair into beautiful loose waves and, although she didn’t make my hair coarse and cloggy with product, it has stayed in all day! This is huge for me because I hate hairspray but also play with my hair a lot, so need products that don’t make my hair feel disgusting but also keep the curls in.

I was so happy with the result that I even posted a cheeky boomerang of it on my Instagram – I rarely post boomerang “selfies” but I just loved it so much. I have never received so many compliments for my hair. All for £20 and 20 minutes in a pop-up hair salon! I will definitely be going back.

If you want to check out Chop Chop London click here (they don’t know I am writing this and so this post is in no way sponsored by them). They offer all sorts of different things from cuts to styling to beard trimming all for £20 and all taking 20 minutes! You can book same day appointments or ones in advance to fit around your schedule. It couldn’t be simpler!

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